View Full Version : Cleaning up the look - and removing unnecessary info - from the forum homepage

23 Jul 2010, 21:22
We use the vB as a private communication tool between our company and our clients. There is certain information that is either redundant - or indeed confidential and shouldnt be there - and I would like to clean it up. The options arent available from admincp, so I assume a programming or template hack or an add-in is needed to do this.

I would be very grateful for any help with how to change the following:

1./ Remove "Statistics" from Forum Home, especially this: "Welcome to our newest member..." which as you can imagine could have the name of a client employee made publically available to any other member from another client!

2./ Remove "Icon legend" from Forum Home. I actually think this is completely redundant and just bandwidth and screen real estate overhead.

3./ Remove "Posting Permissions" from Forum. We want to tidy up the look and feel and also avoid unnecessary support calls like "what does it mean, BB Code is on?"

4./ Remove "Icon legend" from Forum.

5./ Remove "Posting Permissions" from Thread

6./ Remove "Tags for this thread" from Thread

Thanks in advance for any help.

29 Jul 2010, 22:06
Solution found with the help of Borbole. Thanks!