View Full Version : Help me kill my albums tab!

23 Jul 2010, 22:56
I am working on a site that will have 4images hosting instead of the internal. I really need to get rid of the Albums tab as I don't want anyone using the stock image albums. I thought of rewriting the album.php into a redirect but I am sure that is a bad idea.

Will someone please help me out? This is my first web development project and the first problem I haven't been able to answer from these forums. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

The reason I thought about using the redirect at albums.php was because it will save me trying to change tabs, and making sure every link from every template is changed...

Ideas anyone?

23 Jul 2010, 23:48
Just use permission to not allow the group to have album access.

Log into the ACP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup-> User Album Permissions -> Can Have Album and Upload Pictures -> "No"

24 Jul 2010, 00:13
Thank you for the suggestion, I gave it a try but it still leaves the tab, users are forwarded to a vBulletin message page stating that they do not have sufficient permissions or that they need to sign in... Really looking for something cleaner. Though it is functional.

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Even being able to simply hide it would be great!

24 Jul 2010, 00:36
What "Tab" are you referring to? Disabling the Viewing of albums for me makes everything disappear.

24 Jul 2010, 00:52
it is in the navbar.php file, it displays in the header under the logo, with "home,forum,blog,albums,etc..."