View Full Version : Exposure to installing a skin from vbDesigns?

24 Jul 2010, 05:47
Hi There,

Has anyone had any exposure to installing a skin from a company called vb designs?

I have purchased a skin from this company [which I think is in germany] and I am trying to get a product/skin called Red Life installed but am having some issues.

I have downloaded a zip file called 44193_5083_red_life_vbulletin_style_4.0.5 and saved the designs folder to


As per the installation instructions I then go to the admin cp and import the style. The message says that it is "Creating new Style" Please Wait.

The first time I did this the process lasted about 3 hours and was maxing the CPU usage out on my PC so I decided to kill the process.

Also, there are 3 xml files included in the installation package called;

1. Red Life vbulletin 4.0.5
2. Red Life cms 4.0.5
3. Red Life block 4.0.5

The instructions are not clear as to whether all of these need to be uploaded?

My version of vb is 4.0.3

Any help would be appreciated.



24 Jul 2010, 16:33
We can't give support for vbdesigns products, you should contact them.