View Full Version : Needed: Forum Banner/Title Image

26 Jul 2010, 23:59
I need a good looking banner for my new forum, I don't have photoshop anymore and I wasn't that good when I did have it. I want it to be stylish and classy, but sports related. It should go with light and dark styles, or one for each. I do not know the dimensions but I have the psd for the skin I am currently using I can send. It is Vbulletin 4.

It is a sports forum so it can either have a few athletes or just the name, sports related items. Anything as long is it looks good. Please contact me for more specific details, preferred on MSN Messenger mrdude108@hotmail.com or email at snrussell09@yahoo.com.

If you do charge, It cant be too much, I am in college and on a budget! Thanks!