View Full Version : Main Table Width ?

27 Jul 2010, 20:53
Where i can change it in v4? :confused:

27 Jul 2010, 21:17
In your skins Style Variable Editor

under Common

you should realy search this has been asked and replyed to 100s of times


i used your Title to search...

28 Jul 2010, 09:11
Thank you, sorry but the forum says Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

I found it, but now the forum sticks on left, any idea how to move it in to middle of page?

I mean I want to make it 80% and see the forum in the middle of page. Your help is appreciated.

28 Jul 2010, 09:23
Document Margin
Right and Left = auto

Ah yea the search didnt save

just ADD "Main Table Width" into the search "Titles only" and you will see

28 Jul 2010, 09:51
I own you. TA. Maybe a vodka? I would recommender Ukrainian (horilka) honey and chilli :up:

28 Jul 2010, 10:02
Yea horilka is nice

But vodka with redbull is the king :)