View Full Version : Using a report template?

27 Jul 2010, 23:29
I am trying to find a way to configure a report template,
the use of Project on my forums are for bug reporting, I am trying to make a guidness template to help reporters stay on path and not just use the usual "this is bugged"

I wanted to add a template that looks simmilar to this:
what is the bug?

what caused this?

How to reproduce:
how can i make this bug happen again?

whats ur username?
etc etc

is it even possible to do? and if so, can i costumize it between issue types?

Thanks in advanced

King Kovifor
28 Jul 2010, 01:17
Currently not possible, but I'll put it into the feature tracker.

28 Jul 2010, 16:14
would be much apriciated

28 Jul 2010, 16:20
Where is the feature tracker?

King Kovifor
28 Jul 2010, 16:40
Where is the feature tracker?

This feature tracker is on our currently private development site. We are working on releasing the site to the public, but a few more changes need to be made.