View Full Version : Default vb4 style column issues on mobile devices

30 Jul 2010, 13:54
We recently upgraded our forums to vb4 and one of the biggest complaints is the column widths just about everywhere, but mostly when doing a search for new posts. Here is what it looks like on an iPHone (seen similar on Android etc.)


Notice the font issues in the first column, and all the wasted space in the other columns.

Is there an easy way to control this? I have searched around but am stuck because my edits to the style doesn't seem to work well, and half of them are formulas I don't want to touch.

I'd love to have the fonts show up so the "started by" isn't larger than the forum title, and would like to be able to better control the column widths and padding in such a way that doesn't screw up regular web browsing.

(Note: I do not wish to use the mobile style for vb4 option on phones like the iPhone - people don't want a stripped down view on anything other than a blackberry or older flip phone... )

30 Jul 2010, 16:23
I have the same issue with a customised theme, I'm thinking of creating a new style, based on the present style, change the size of those fonts and then force mobile users to be redirected to the new style..

Sounds good to me in theory, but if any one has a better idea, I'm all ears..