View Full Version : How to extend the header

04 Aug 2010, 10:25
I need help in Header.. I want to extend it as shown in the attachments

Before - Normal

After - How to do this?

04 Aug 2010, 11:54
I want something similar, but a way to put the nav bar above the title and search etc.

17 Aug 2010, 04:42
create a header image as you want.
connect to your server and rename the logo.gif or png or whatever to logo.xxx.ORIG and name the custom header image you made to whatever image you are trying to replace...in firefox go to your site right click save image location and paste it somewhere it will be the last part of the address after the final / . rename that one to something else and name your new one to that.

Go to forum root/images/misc/vbulletin4_logo.gif or vbulletin4_logo.png is the image you are looking for.

/slimshadynd/ (http://www.eqmandingo.com/slimshadynd/)
you may use these to see my explanation of a simple way to accomplish what your edited image shows.
The ones on the page are matted so you can see them but the actual image download links and rar download link contain the originals just re-sized and waiting for your logo to be inserted.