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05 Aug 2010, 16:44
I can't get rid of a 1px line of border or padding that is on the bottom of my forumhead images. I'm inclined to believe it's padding because when I change the bg color its color changed too.

Here is an image (the circled green is the problem)


05 Aug 2010, 20:05
Looks more like part of the image. Whats your site URL?

05 Aug 2010, 20:48
If this is your site . I just seen default skin as I could not help because i could not see an example.


06 Aug 2010, 03:44
It's def not part of the image, Its the same on a bunch of themes.

The picture I have up there is just the default theme with a few colors changed to accentuate the line.

06 Aug 2010, 08:16
It is impossible for me to help because i can not see the issue on a live thread and be of some help. Problems like this usually are better resolved by a live link.

06 Aug 2010, 15:18
Post a link to an actual page with the problem. Most of us use firebug (or similar) to find CSS and we can't do that with an image, we need a live page with the problem.

06 Aug 2010, 15:44
Its the border, i don't know if you can fix that with the stylevar's.

06 Aug 2010, 16:05
Here is my site link


If you change the theme to "Test" I have the colors set up to point it out. You may have to zoom in to get a clear shot. Test is just a generated theme.

06 Aug 2010, 18:22
I zoomed in on that test style but didn't see anything like your image in the first post.

06 Aug 2010, 18:33
I tried ie, ff, chrome and i couldn't replicate the results your showing.

06 Aug 2010, 18:37
I can not help cause my eyes are burning.

06 Aug 2010, 19:14
I've looked at it on my PC, with different resolutions using chrome and ff, and also my iphone (only other "computer" available to me) and all show the problem.

Did you change the theme?

Here is an image of it on the "test theme"


It's the pink line underneath the black border on the forumhead image.

06 Aug 2010, 19:24
Okay it is here

.forumhead + .childforum .L2:first-child .forumrow, .forumhead + .L2 .forumrow {
background:none repeat-x scroll left bottom #CC0033;
border-top:1px solid #FF7373;

you need to change what is in red. Just add it in addiitonal.css or stylevars.

06 Aug 2010, 19:33
Wait, are you saying that code is the problem or that I need to add that code somewhere? Sorry I'm kinda new. Also the color of the line changes with the color of the page BG so I'm inclined to think it's not a border issue but a padding issue.

06 Aug 2010, 20:07
I am sorry i might have been looking at the wrong little picture. i was looking at the pink and then the off color pink ... are you wanting the black lines gone ?

06 Aug 2010, 20:14
Okay here is where i modified look at pic ..issue solved ?

06 Aug 2010, 20:22
i do not know why picture is so fuzzy ...

here is an external link


07 Aug 2010, 03:16
--------------- Added 1281192793 at 1281192793 ---------------

Ignore my previous post, that's exactly what I'm looking for. How did you do it?

08 Aug 2010, 01:40
It is the same code i wrote previous. I just changed that color to match what you had. I would just put that in your addtional.css