View Full Version : background transparent until page loads

06 Aug 2010, 05:37
The background of the main page is transparent until the page loads, then it turns white, but I don't want it to be transparent, anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?

the site is: www.hightechcorvette.com

06 Aug 2010, 08:30
I can only get it to do it once when i first visit. I would change the css to have no color like you have listed ... currently and also make it a gif to load faster than a jpg. I highlighted in red.

url("admin/carbon.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 #000000

06 Aug 2010, 09:27
I tried removing the jpg image all together, I changed the background colors and still have the same problem. Sorry if I'm not very good at fixing code, I'm better at the graphics end. I'm still lost as to what I should do next to fix it though....:confused:

06 Aug 2010, 20:24
i am unsure as i could only produce it once and after that no more issues. Something like this would actually have to have access to server ....but just converting to gif and then changing the css should do it

I would set up default vb and see if it happens there ...then if no ..then just change background using style vars and see what happens . then go from there.