View Full Version : How to add an image identifying a certain type of user

06 Aug 2010, 18:25
I have a lot of military on my site and I want them to have an icon next to their username if they so choose to join the 'military' usergroup. Can anyone help me with this?

I posted this on VB.com and Lynne told me I should post it over here.


08 Aug 2010, 11:49
You can do this with RANK.

If you go in to the cpanel and go down to user ranks. There you can setup so that a certain image will show under their name if in a particular group. This can work for any usergroup. Just upload the image you want in to your images folder. The rest you'll see from the cpanel user ranks in cpanel.

08 Aug 2010, 18:39
Thank you so much! That helps a lot :)