View Full Version : Where can i find this in the Style Variable Editor?

11 Aug 2010, 09:47
In the new Style Variable Editor where can i find the equivalent of:

Category Strips
Table Header
Table Footer
Popup Menu Controls
Quick Navigation Menu

That are in the old style manager on VB3?

I basically want to set the background as a repeating image like I have in my old VB3 style below.


However i'm not sure what I should be looking at in the new Style Variable Editor?

It's been 3 years since I created our style so its like starting again to be honest, thanks for any help.

11 Aug 2010, 10:58
what saved me is installing firebug in firefox.. then go to your site.. right click on the area in questions and --> inspect element. firebug will then show you the css for it and you can then easily find it in stylevars or create css for it and add it to templates-->css-->additional.css