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12 Aug 2010, 21:01
Hi there,

Can anyone help me ?

I want to move the bar in the badly drawn red up level with the bit that's in green.


I can't figure it out for the life of me :D

Thanks in advance


14 Aug 2010, 19:21
Please :D

19 Aug 2010, 18:22
If it was me i would just make a new div and put all that info in it. I do not see any issues with that. The offline help is not included in anything so that is why it is located there. It is actually outside your body tag. That is best I could do since i can not really get to the forum code and look into it. All that code is in the header template.

20 Aug 2010, 20:55
Massive thanks to mmoore5553 for sorting this out for me.

It had been buging me for a week, only took him 10 mins :D

Thanks again