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Heartless 1.0
14 Aug 2010, 18:37
I'm looking for someone who can create a professioanl banner for my site. I want something a lot like the banner on this style: http://i45.tinypic.com/2dij5nr.jpg

But, it must be suited to a gaming forum/gaming community. If anyone is interested in making this for me please send me a PM. I am willing to pay, ofc.

16 Aug 2010, 22:32
Just trying to get a better idea of what you are looking for... and need to know the width of your forums as well as your desired banner height.

I will help but i could not accept money as this is a community site and tbh one banner really isn't to much to ask i used to make 50 a week for free...just remember your community and give back how and when you can.

Now what i need from you to do this is...

- you say gamer theme. (what kind of games...ie all games, pc games ,xbox PS3 general gaming news and events , if none a snippet from your brain of what you see in your head... that friggin picture that pops off the page so to speak... you know what you want more than I if anything. To accurately convey that would help in a one shot deal here's your picture type of thing.

- color, super important to making the image work for you, need your color scheme for your site

I do any image without specific standards starting with a new 1920 x 1080 image, without a specified dimension for a vb banner i would make 1920 width and a couple hundred in height and you can resize it yourself.

if you don't want to disclose details of your site in post you may pm me details just reply in the forums as well to let it be known. Either way best of luck