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A Dead Puppie
18 Aug 2010, 18:05
So I used the Advanced Header V2 Rework (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=233813) mod on my board, and it works, but whenever you receive a notification of any kind, you get not so much an error so much as the ENTIRE board goes INSIDE of the dropdown header, and NONE of the pages display.

So much in fact that i must switch themes just to look at the notification, and once its cleared it is all fine.

my website is www.vanguardgaming.com

EDIT: please refer to the attachment below.

18 Aug 2010, 18:08
i am unable to replicate this issue. I went and logged in. It did say 1 notification but no error ? I did have a hard time trying to find out where to log in since your textboxes are black and hard to see .

A Dead Puppie
18 Aug 2010, 18:19
..Ok. I sent myself a PM and snapped a shot of it. I

18 Aug 2010, 18:31
Questions/Problems regarding modifications/styles need to be asked in the modification/style thread. That is where the support for modification/style is - not out here in the main forums. Please note that if a modification/style is unsupported (or even if it says it is supported), you may be on your own if you chose to install it.

18 Aug 2010, 18:41
Odd never could get that and i am on FF also ...weird.