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19 Aug 2010, 16:34
I posted this at VBulletin.com but I got no response. I hope someone could help me.
I have a few problems with my forum. Please someone help me to point out a certain stylevar or css I need to edit.

1. Different font size for thread titles:

2. There's a big space before post content for each post and it skews to the left over the userinfo

Thank you for any help to fix these. :-)

19 Aug 2010, 18:15
it is best if you give forum link as we can see the issue and troubleshoot from there.

07 Sep 2010, 20:05
Here's the link to the forum. Thank you for helping me.

07 Sep 2010, 20:11
Are all your css templates default?

07 Sep 2010, 20:21
I have additional css but they are for drop down menu. I don't see how it would change the layout. I changed a few stylevars though. I don't know which one affects that...

08 Sep 2010, 12:02
well one thing i noticed off is that your CSS has changed a bit

.content, .fullwidth {
padding:20px 30px 10px;

I do not understand why you need a clear: left. Once that is gone it should be okay but i padding looks high but that might be what you are going for. I would look at the clear and padding . Also i never seen . fullwidth applied to vbulletin here either. But that might be default now. Unsure .

08 Sep 2010, 15:20
".content, .fullwidth" is not default vbulletin.

08 Sep 2010, 16:08
Thank you for the responses. .content, .fullwidth are for my customized pages.

08 Sep 2010, 16:11
if you want to make another one called full width i would do a seperate css. But you should be fixed from what is above.

09 Sep 2010, 17:09
Thank you so much for your helps. Firefox worked when I removed the clear: left, but IE still didn't work. I removed the whole css file and everything seems fine. Thank you again. :-)