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19 Aug 2010, 21:57

I'm trying to develop a pretty complex forum skin. What I'd like to do is instead of using the stylevars to edit the template, I'd really like a css file that I can edit. It'd give me a lot more "wiggle room", and the ability to really edit the theme to the maximum. Does anybody know where I can find the CSS file for a skin, or if there's multiple, where'd they be? It'd make things so much easier.

If that doesn't exist, does anybody know if it's possible to even make my skin by editing stylevars? I don't think there's enough customizable functionality in it.

Thanks for any help!
- Sawyer :)

The Skin

20 Aug 2010, 02:20
I do all my edits via the additional.css template. I do not rely on stylevars yet cause alot of them are not there . I use a mod on here from time to time also if it is not picked up let me know. It was by lynn on the forum. Which works out good also.