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20 Aug 2010, 10:35
Hey guys I've been trying to do this for ages but for some reason, I must be doing something wrong!

I'm trying to change the colours of backgrounds and I'm trying to add an image.

The URL to the image is http://www.friendscircle.co.uk/images/pinkypurple/misc/background.png

(I've been inputting... images/pinkypurple/misc/background.png)

I've been playing with the settings as I want it to be repeated, but the preview doesn't work and then not surprisingly, it doesn't show on the forum itself.

Here is a screenshot:


Can anyone advise me please? Thanks! :)

20 Aug 2010, 15:12
The syntax for your background image is incorrect. It should be:

(Just type "background" in the search box and look at how it is done in other background stylevars with images.)

20 Aug 2010, 23:32
Hey Lynne, thanks for the reply.

With the fear of sounding dumb, I have done as you suggested and tried url(images/pinkypurple/misc/background.png) but it didn't work. I've also searched other topics and tried to follow what was said about stylevars (which was pretty much the same as what you've said) and I just can't get it to work. =/ I must be doing something wrong..

20 Aug 2010, 23:36
Can you put the url into your browser and see the image? Clear your cache first to make sure it isn't cached.

21 Aug 2010, 00:46
I had the same problem, and was given a working solution on vbulletin.com.


Hope this helps.

21 Aug 2010, 05:25
You forgot to put url(..) in the image path. Should be: