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31 Aug 2010, 00:00
As promised, here is a follow on to my previous post.

In this post I would like to highlight how we are proceeding with the 4.X series and what we are expecting to introduce as part of the series. Please, note that these are not ordered in terms of priorities, but provided as a target list. And of course, as denoted in my previous post, 4.1 will include the top 4 items in this list.

As previously mentioned, we are also working in a re-factoring. The first element to be re-factored is the editor. There will be a common editor across the product. This will improve usability, as users will have a common experience for posting and editing with the added bonus that it also supports WebKit. As a note, not all of our re-factoring efforts will have a visual component, however, with each release we will let you know what was re-factored.

And also as previously mentioned, we will be also working on issues. The target is that each release will have a good mix of features, enhancements and bugs. It is very important to us that just as we deal with the challenges; we also further the product and what the product offers.

I do want to make a special note on one of the features included in this list as it pertains to some question from the previous post: Custom Content Type Builder. Some of you asked about the “review” content type. The Custom Content Type Builder will have a few primitives from which we all can build new content types. In theory, and as it has been specified, you should be able to build a review content type with the tool.

Without further ado:

Member Profile Customization
Overhauled StyleVars
Improved and integrated upgrade Process
URL Mapping (CMS in root etc.)
Improved CMS editor
Google Auth + Twitter
Mobile Skin (m.vbulletin.com)
Updated style
UTF-8 Further Development
Revised Search
Activity Stream
Custom Content Type Builder
Photo Gallery with Photo Tagging
Sharing Tools
Mobile API
Custom Content Type Builder
Updated CMS Permissions
Improved use of Memcached and File Cache
Member Newsletter Feature (Text + HTML)
Header Menu Manager Customization (completed spec)
Unified Moderation and Notifications System
Unifying widgets and blocks
Enable Community Moderation (vote up/down content)
Additional Login Options (Google, Twitter, OpenID, Email Registration, etc)
Subscription Option: Google Checkout
Improved Asset Manager
Updated email management/ and templates to prevent blacklisting
PostgreSQL support (this will assist and be a part of refactoring our database structure)
CMS Workflow (change author, draft, approved, unpub date)
Inline Style/Theme Customization (Inline UI to edit StyleVars)
Invite Friends Features
Find Friend Features (via Address Book: Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, etc)
User can self-delete their profile/account
Ad Management for Blogs and CMS (and more advanced Forum integration)
Groups UI/UX
Calendar UI/UX (also integrate with iCal)
Expose Developer Documentation (dev.vbulletin.com)
Official 3rd Party Developer API
Review content type
CMS Widget: Tag Cloud As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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