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Contest Master
01 Sep 2010, 08:00
Which Modification should win this months MOTM contest ?

Choose from the list, and vote for your favourite modification now.

Remember to support modifications by nominating them for next months MOTM, just click the 'Nominate for MOTM' link in the release thread - you can nominate as many as you like during the month.

Thank you,

vBulletin.org Staff

01 Sep 2010, 09:54
Spam-O-Matic - Eliminate Forum Spam

01 Sep 2010, 12:16
8WayRun.Com - Media Library

01 Sep 2010, 18:10
Media Library ofc!

03 Sep 2010, 02:32
8WayRun.Com - Media Library

04 Sep 2010, 05:00
8WayRun.Com - Media Library

05 Sep 2010, 19:33
iQuote :)

Iguana Goddess
07 Sep 2010, 20:12
Spam-O-Matic ftw! It has made keeping spammers off my site so much easier.

11 Sep 2010, 09:09
Spam-O-Matic was saved my life , It has made keeping spammers off my site.

16 Sep 2010, 06:11
8WayRun.Com - Media Library

19 Sep 2010, 17:54
My votes on the 8WayRun.Com - Media Library Superb mod!!!

19 Sep 2010, 19:32
Spam-O-Matic - Eliminate Forum Spam - one of the most useful mods for VB4!

20 Sep 2010, 09:17
is there a thread on mods being awarded MOTH previously ?

23 Sep 2010, 22:42
Spam-O-Matic excellent mod :up:

24 Sep 2010, 06:45
iQuote for 3.8 :up:

29 Sep 2010, 10:09
Spam-o-matic. It combines many anti-spam measures that I have been using for years and are protecting my forums from 95% of all incoming spam. Without it, we get flooded by hundreds of spam messages a day.

Without spam-o-matic or similar functions (if I'd want to install all functionality separately) none of the other nominated addons in this poll, could even be used effectively. Because the massive influx of spam would disable my site. I've seen that happen.

I really can't understand why this isn't vbulletin default.