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02 Sep 2010, 16:40
Hello everyone,

Here's one of our latest free styles over at vB4Style.com.

vB4Style Grey Fox

Click here (http://vb4style.com/forum.php?styleid=63) for a demo.

Nice clean / professional style that is very versatile and can be used for many different types of forums, we have not gone crazy with this style, we have tried to keep it quite simple. Please read the (instructions.txt) included within the package for more details and instructions.

A branding free removal can be ordered for $15, just send me a Private Message.

Enjoy the style!

02 Sep 2010, 16:41
thank you its nice

02 Sep 2010, 17:56
i have downloaded it...will check and get back with feedbacks, if any :)

04 Sep 2010, 13:24
Hi Guys I,ve installed this grey fox style, but its messd my site up, how do I uninstall it and go back to my previous style.

Thanks Ace.

04 Sep 2010, 14:52
How did it 'Messed up' your site?

You can uninstall it by clicking the delete button in the style area next to the style.

- Vincent