View Full Version : Call PHP file help

19 Sep 2010, 19:40
I have a php code for a slide show

<?php// START of "Frontpage Slideshow" settings
$nameOfSlideshowToDisplay = "myslideshow"; // Enter the name of your slideshow. Slideshows are in folders inside /fpss/slideshows/.
$URLofyoursite = "http://www.nextgenerationgamers.co.uk/forums"; // Enter your site's URL.
$AbsoluteServerPathofyoursite = "/home/nextgen6/public_html/forums"; // Enter the root path of your site on the server.

// do not edit below this line
// END of "Frontpage Slideshow" settings

I have all the files uploaded to the correct place

What i want to know is how i would add this to my forumhome under my navbar or on my vbadvanced home page
How would i do this ? In detail if possible, cheers