View Full Version : Resetting rep altering power

03 Oct 2010, 17:53
When we started our site a few of the admins/mods changed the reputation manually of some users and two years later we have users with outrageous 'rep altering power' numbers that can pretty much throw someone into the 'red' for life.

I've tried resetting every ones rep to 10 then rebuilding the rep but the users with huge rep power still seem to have huge rep power numbers so as soon as it's rebuilt we're back to where we were before.

Is there a way to reset reputation as well as rep altering power for everyone and then rebuild without losing the actual 'reps' or rep comments?

I've spent hours searching with no luck, I did see something that said the functions_reputation.php file can fix it but I didn't see anything really useful in it and I think it may have been changed as it was a very old post.

Thanks in advance :)

03 Oct 2010, 20:38
I don't know anything about user rep except what I read in the manual, but did you check vBulletin Options > User Reputation > Reputation Point Factor ?

03 Oct 2010, 21:40
If the user's are "administrators" then there is a set value in vbulletin options -> user reputation options -> administrators reputation power.

If you set this to "0" then admins will follow the same reputation rules as everyone else.