View Full Version : Suite Style - TVW Digital Innovation Template for 4.0.7

vo danh
04 Oct 2010, 10:42
Live Demo: http://demo.thuvienwebmaster.com/vbulletin/forum.php?styleid=2

Hi everybody,
This is the first template that I release on vb.org. TVW Digital Innovation is a 1000px fixed width forum table for vb 4.0.7 by Webmasters' Library ( http://thuvienwebmaster.com )

- CMS Support: Yes
- Forum Support: Yes
- Blog Support: Yes
- Include PSD Banner in this package.
- So please keep my copyright at footer if you are using my skin.


1. Uploads tvw folder to your /images directory.
2. Import vbulletin-style.xml in the styles and templates area of your admincp.

I request that the footer copyright link. If you would like to remove it please send me a donation of $1 USD and PM me your transaction number and forum url.

If you like my work consider supporting me by a small donation or hire me for your next vbulletin project.