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09 Dec 2010, 02:05
This is my first theme... and I am NOT good at it. But, I figured I would share anyway. Basically, I couldn't stand the blue standard theme, so I went through and changed everything to a brown/tan style. This is not supported. And I am sure it won't be 5 stars. Just sharing since I downloaded it as backup anyway.

To load:

Import "brown-tan style.xml" file using the AdminCP > Styles and Templates

12 Dec 2010, 05:10
Why this is coming?


13 Dec 2010, 16:45
Honestly, I don't know. Maybe due to some hack I have installed. I am not, by far, any kind of expert. I took my default style... and made the color changes.

Sorry... this probably shouldn't have even been posted here. Just wanted to contribute my sad lack of skills.

14 Dec 2010, 13:27
Thanks installed and working in perfect

15 Dec 2010, 02:16
nice style .. but where the error in the pic come from

15 Dec 2010, 04:45
Don't know... I haven't gotten that error. And Secondszone doesn't seem to be having issues. And, as stated, I am not an expert... so I wouldn't even know where to look. It is running fine on my board in 4.1 PL2

15 Dec 2010, 22:47
Same error

16 Dec 2010, 02:16
Very possibly a Hack I am running then. I apologize to all. as stated... I am a newbie. I had hacks installed, modified my default profile with the colors... and downloaded/provided here.

09 Jan 2011, 11:36
Thank you.....