View Full Version : Renaming a user

03 Jan 2011, 09:12
Quite a possible thing Admins may want/need to do is renaming a user.

I tried with my test user names (my Forum is still offline) was simply to enter Control Panel -User Manager, call the user name up and change it.

There were no posts under their names and it looked good.


1. While testing, I have created some test users and they are taking up User No (the sequence when they had registered).

Is it possible to purge them and reset the User No after that? So it is only Admin and 1 more, with user IDs 1 and 2.

If so, I have no further questions.

2. If a user wants to be renamed for whatever reason, can I do that from the Control Panel? Something that would move their posts automatically under the new handle (user name).

3. Is it possible to reserve first 10 user registration numbers and later, rename to real user names. In the life of a Forum it (precieved) counts who was first to join.

That way, Admin is User No.1

Then, myself, User No.2

Then, my 8 Mods as they are chosen, are given (by renaming placeholder users) their registration places and handles while retaining very low registration numbers (User No)?

I did search but no explicit answer to my , i would say, mundane questions.