View Full Version : Reverting the "header" template in the MASTER style kills the template entirely?

25 Jan 2011, 02:27
I "reverted" the header template of my MASTER style (actually meaning to revert the header of it's child skin). Normally, when I revert templates, it just restores them to a vBulleting default.

This time, however, it completely erased the header template from all of the skins. As in, the template would not even show up in the list.

Is this normal? O_O Also, does anyone running 4.1.1 have a default header template I can borrow in the meantime? ^^;

25 Jan 2011, 05:22
You should never, ever, ever, EVER touch the MASTER STYLE! Seriously. That is the default vB style. And yes, just as if you Revert a custom template, it gets deleted, all the templates in the MASTER STYLE are like custom templates in that they have no parent. The MASTER STYLE *is* the parent. You revert that and there is no parent to revert the template to thus it goes bye-bye.

I suggest you upload tools.php to your admincp and reimport the MASTER STYLE.

25 Jan 2011, 05:38
Well, I grabbed the template off my test forum and stuck it back in there.

Honestly, though, doesn't make much sense to me to have it act in that fashion.

---oh wait. It was only visible because I was in Debug mode. :facepalm: :headdesk:

I got it back, just had to add it as a new template and copy the code over (then added the simple two lines I was trying to add in the first place, heh--all that trouble for just appending two variables).

My question now is... would that be taken into account when I upgrade to something newer than 4.1.1 when it comes out? Will it have some sort of problem with it when I upgrade?

25 Jan 2011, 06:03
Editing the Master Style is generally a bad idea. From what I've seen, if vB updates templates in an upgrade, they are written to the Master Style, so if your edited template is one of the affected ones, your changes will disappear (instead of you being prompted to update your templates). I'm sure there's a good reason it only appears when debug mode is enabled.

Personally, I would only use the Master Style for developing modifications that use their own templates. But I'm not sure if that's a good idea in and of itself.

25 Jan 2011, 07:14
Thanks, but if I had realized which one I was editing in the first place, I'd not have touched it. XD

See, I have my own MASTER Style that I use as a parent to all my real styles--that's the one I thought I was editing at first. :P When I realized my mistake, well, that's the reason that I tried to Revert it--I thought that Reverting it would change it back to the default.

(With good reasoning, too--that's how templates have always acted for me until now, heh.)

I didn't realize, "Hey, reverting this means it's getting a default value of NOTHING." X3

Personally, I would only use the Master Style for developing modifications that use their own templates. But I'm not sure if that's a good idea in and of itself.Precisely what I use my MASTER (not the vB one) for. Well, that and lots of other stuff that I want all the styles to inherit (minus our Mobile one).

(And yar, I was not aware that it did not appear outside of debug mode, else I'd have been more wary. Though I still probably would have assumed reverting was safe, tbh.)