View Full Version : Wrong Counts for child forum ?

07 Feb 2011, 02:44
Our forum, www.benhvienoto.vn , is using Vbb version 4.1.0 and we are facing with the below problem:

If we have the forum tree as shown below
Category 1
- Forum1
- - forum1a
- - forum1b
- Forum2

Then the post and thread counts for Forum1 will only include posts in Forum1, and not those in forum1a and forum1b.

Please see the captured picture @ the following link to understand the problem more clearly


Could you please suggest us how to display and count the number of posts correctly? For instant, coresponding to the example above,

counts for Forum 1 must be = Counts Forum 1a + Counts Forum 1b + Counts posts in Forum 1

Please help us as soon as you can.
We are looking forward to seeing your reply soon.

Best regards,