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08 Apr 2011, 00:43
I think this looks a lot cleaner. Note that the MG comment fields are for me, which makes it easier to search through my templates for things I adjusted. They are not necessary for the style change. If you're just getting into template modifications, something like this is a very quick and easy way to locate things that you've changed.

In navbar_link:

<!-- MG --><vb:if condition="THIS_SCRIPT != 'index'">

<vb:if condition="$show['breadcrumb']">
<li class="navbit"><a href="{vb:raw nav_url}">{vb:raw nav_title}</a></li>
<vb:else />
<li class="navbit lastnavbit"><span>{vb:raw nav_title}</span></li>

<!-- MG --></vb:if>

And then in navbar:

And in Navbar:

<!-- MG --><vb:if condition="THIS_SCRIPT != 'index'">

<div id="breadcrumb" class="breadcrumb">
<ul class="floatcontainer">
<li class="navbithome"><a href="index.php{vb:raw session.sessionurl_q}" accesskey="1"><img src="{vb:stylevar imgdir_misc}/navbit-home.png" alt="{vb:rawphrase home}" /></a></li>

{vb:raw navbits.breadcrumb}
{vb:raw navbits.lastelement}
<hr />

<!-- MG --></vb:if>

All I'm doing is wrapping an if conditional for index around the breadcrumb call. It's basic and simple, but I'm sure others who are unfamiliar with modding may find it handy.


26 Jun 2011, 04:08
Wow looks way better now.

20 Oct 2014, 19:15
Thanks! This really helped me out!