View Full Version : [vB4] How-to: Move page numbers inline with the thread title (like VB3)

08 Apr 2011, 21:48
I don't care for the page numbers on the thread starter row, I prefer them up with the thread title, the way they were in vb3.

The quick and dirty, is to find this in threadbit:

<vb:if condition="$thread['pagenav']">
<dl class="pagination" id="pagination_threadbit_{vb:raw thread.realthreadid}">
<dt class="label">{vb:raw thread.totalpages} {vb:rawphrase pages} <span class="separator">&bull;</span></dt>
{vb:raw thread.pagenav}
<vb:if condition="$show['pagenavmore']"> <span class="separator">...</span> <span><a href="{vb:raw thread.lastpagelink}">{vb:raw thread.totalpages}</a></span></vb:if>

And put it directly after:

<a class="title<vb:if condition="$show['gotonewpost']"> threadtitle_unread</vb:if>" href="{vb:link thread, {vb:raw thread}, {vb:raw pageinfo}, 'threadid', 'threadtitle'}" id="thread_title_{vb:raw thread.realthreadid}">{vb:raw thread.threadtitle}</a>

There will be a /h3 tag at the end of that snippet that needs to be AFTER the pagenav code, otherwise it will start a new line.

Just posting this here along with some other things that I figure out, to help anyone that might want to know how to go about it.

06 Nov 2013, 14:43
any idea how to do this in vb5.05? or point me to at least a starting location?