View Full Version : Create Custom Fields in vb CMS?

26 Apr 2011, 09:30
I need to create specific layouts with searchable content for each specific field. Is this possible in the CMS?

Can Article pages be used as product pages? For example, I need to build a DVD releases database with cover art, synopsis, special features and links to amazon UK and US. Is this possible?

What I would then like to do is rather than adding DVD release info to the forum, add it to the cms and promote it to the forum's relevant section.

I would also like users to be able to catalogue their DVD collection by selecting the titles they currently own. The list could then be viewed by other members from their profile page or signature etc. A "collection" add-on of some sort.

Any suggestions? Or is there an add-on that will allow this?

26 Apr 2011, 17:11
I believe there is an article on how to add custom fields to the CMS.

As for searching just that specific field, you would have to write some code to do that.