View Full Version : Rename default value in username "Unregistered"

05 May 2011, 14:51
Hi, I'd like to remain the default value in username from "Unregisterd" to something else. I don't want to change the username group or the title "Guest" just the default value so in case someone doesn't write in their name, it doesn't default to "Unregistered" but rather another label such as "Visitor". I tried various solutions including changing the class_bootstrap.php file -- from $vbphrase['unregistered']; to $vbphrase['visitor']; but that didn't work. (I'm a definite novice at this stuff but willing to try stuff). I'd appreciate your help.

05 May 2011, 18:02
Most likely you could change the usergroup unregistered to something else

or you could search for Unregistered in the phrase search and have "Phrase Text and Phrase Variable Name" checked. Then press search and find "unregistered", click edit and change the text to "Visitor" or anything you'd like.

Then when guests post they will have something like this:

I'm sure if you'd like to make it so they can't edit their username you could go to the newreply.php and edit the box where the username text is and make it uneditable.