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vB.Org System
27 May 2011, 00:00

As part of an overall audit of unresolved issues that have been reported for our product, we are beginning a process of reviewing all open (Confirmed) bugs reported on versions prior to 4.1.
This process will involve moving outstanding bugs to an “Unconfirmed” status starting with the oldest reported bugs – our bug scrubbing team will then work through these bugs and “confirm” bugs that are still found in our product.

Cool, why?
The intention behind this project is to remove duplicates of bugs that have been reported, as well as remove bugs that have been reported in older versions but have since been fixed – but their status does not reflect this.

How can I help?
If you see a bug that has been moved to “Unconfirmed” but the bug is still present in latest released version (4.1.3), please comment in the bug report that it is still in the product :)


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