View Full Version : Invalid SQL: in vBulletin 3.8.6:

05 Jun 2011, 14:19
Database error in vBulletin 3.8.6:

Invalid SQL:

FROM gifts AS gifts
WHERE recipientid = 89;

MySQL Error : Table '******.gifts' doesn't exist

I started getting this error, first when users tried to read an old post and now it's happening to all posts.:confused:

I have uninstalled the gift plugin and all the files needed for it.
What do I need to do to fix this ?

05 Jun 2011, 14:23
You obviously haven't removed everything, compare postbit template with the postbit template of another style, and check the differences. It's probably trying to get how many gifts have user received.

05 Jun 2011, 14:27
Thanks, I've been back over the install instructions and I think I have removed everything.
I'll go back through it again and see if there is something I have missed.

--------------- Added 1307282163 at 1307282163 ---------------

I can't find anything, I think I have removed it all.
I don't know where else to look or what else to do.
Still getting error.

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I fixed the problem by re installing the product and all the files.