View Full Version : Changing vBulletin.com to a HTTPS connection

vB.Org System
09 Jun 2011, 21:40
A short announcement to let you know that we have introduced a slight change to vbulletin.com (http://vbulletin.com) today. As part of an update to Internet Brandsí infrastructure, vbulletin will now be under a secure http connection (i.e. https at the start of the url).

How this may affect you:
If you visit a page on our site that contains content from a pre-existing http link and use Internet Explorer as a browser, you may experience a security warning that suggests unsecured content is being loaded. An example of this would be, a user embeds an image in a post that is hosted from a http source.
We donít anticipate this change to cause any other issues with your experience on the site, however we would welcome you to report any concerns that you come across to us.


Please note: We have temporarily disabled our mobile style to support this change.

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