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09 Jun 2011, 22:30
I am happy to announce that vBulletin 4.1.4 is now available to be downloaded from the vBulletin Members Area at: http://members.vbulletin.com

vBulletin 4.1.4 includes:

CKEditor (https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/entry.php/2480-vBulletin-4.1.4-The-new-all-new-WYSIWYG-text-editor-powered-by-CKEditor)
The new and improved editors in vBulletin. CKEditor supports rich text formatting in the major browsers including Webkit and Opera browsers.

Bug Fixes/Improvements
Here is a list of the major bug fixes/improvements included in this release. A full list of issues fixed are available HERE. (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+VBIV+AND+fixVersion+in+%28)

CMS HTML Editor Buggy as Hell (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
WYSIWYG Editing not available for Opera browser users (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Switch to Editor Mode Causes Article Text to Disappear (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Retrieve remote image fails. (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
insert table not working (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Cookieless browsing issue for Apply in CMS editor (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
insert table not working (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
IE6 RTL: Tags field in text editor is in LTR mode. (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Carriage Returns being added/removed on article save (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Firefox: Buggy Paste of Forum-Links (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Standard Editor does not support Add an Image from URL (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Firefox: Buggy Paste of #3-Links (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Add the same table code that is in CMS to forum. (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Insert All missing from Attachments Paper Clip Drop Down (Regression from vB3) (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Thumbnail and Image Editing/Resizing (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Font Drop Down Box not showing its font in the font type (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Tab Key Function with tables (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Pasted Articles Not Formatted Correctly in CMS (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Can't edit image properties of thin images using the WYSIWYG editor (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Users Cannot Use "Insert Table" Button In The CMS Editor If "Forum Active" Is Set To "No" (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Center text new thread (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
What's New not available in Mobile Application (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Malformed Query Causes Loop Through Every User (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Anyone can change the thumbnail size of any attachment (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Slow Query In forumdisplay.php (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Too Much Memory Used To Generate online.php (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
XMLsitemap does not generate correct URLs for blog and article content when using domain/blogs and domain/content (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Handling "Canceled Reversal" Transaction (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Can't drag uploaded attachments (IE9) (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Change API newtop to get threads, articles and blogs that have been posted [to] last. (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
After approving moderated album pictures, "recently updated albums" and album display on user profile are not updated (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Old YUI version failing vBulletin in numerous places on IE9 (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Lastpost Data is incorrect for threads. (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Typo in Skimlinks package (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Today's Posts - give it back to us (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Multi-quote sticking around for next reply with quote (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Measures to stop the loss of QR, QE content/changes loss (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
StyleVars Are Not Properly Mapped into User Profile Customization Colors, Resulting in Unreadable Areas (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Query to determine first post in thread can take 60 seconds and is unnecessary (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Some characters double html encoded when using quick reply and iconv not present (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
header_background changes font colors (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
NONOTICES for ajax.php (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
[Blog] Date to Publish (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Group Quick Reply doesn't show error messages (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Pencil icon appears below or next to attached image (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
[Maximum Custom Page Characters] ignored (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Posting a reply to a blog entry in cookieless mode logs the user out (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Parse links in text fails on links with trailing ) (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Deleting a CMS grid doesn't delete the associated grid template (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
IE6: Can't add tags in CMS article editor (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Unnecessary HTTP Request on every page if YUI is loaded from Yahoo (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Style Generator: default setting behaves quite differently in 4.0.8 than 4.0.7 (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
BBCode [quote] not handled correctly if username contains special characters (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Stylevar "vbcms_article_mid_fontSize" is missing (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Code Review includes/class_api.php (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Hook template_register_var not working correctly (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Error in error handler for message too long: 'null' is null or not an object (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Blog admin changes needed for Impex blog to blog importer (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Missing '=' in a JS file (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
Reply With Quote has cursor starting at wrong location (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/)
New Youtube Share Links Not Parsing Via BB Code (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/) Again, thank you to everyone who has filed bugs in our bug tracker, we sincerely appreciate your assistance.
If you come across any bugs in the product, please continue to file them in our new tracker (http://tracker.vbulletin.com/secure/CreateIssue.jspa?pid=10020&issuetype=1).

Feedback on the product is welcomed here (https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=381437) for licensed customers.


More... (https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php/381438-vBulletin-4.1.4-now-available-for-download?goto=newpost)