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22 Jun 2011, 09:04
HI all,

I am am a newbie here, so I hope that this post is OK?

I work for a business that is running a reasonably successful forum which we purchased a couple of years ago. It runs on an older version of VBulletin and I understand that it has had much bespoking done to it which means it is difficult and costly to maintain, patch and upgrade. :confused::down:

From discussions with the owvner or a HiFi forum that I use, he just configures and manages his forum himself without any bepoke coding. So I am keen to find someone (a consultant / consultancy) that can help me to:

1. Design and build a new, simpler and "vanilla" version of the forum, that is efficient and effective to manage and moderate.

2. Migrate our old forum data across (having cleaned up the redundant users).

Any ideas on where I can look for help and what the going rates are for this tyoe of work would be very helpful?

(We are based near Manchester airport, so local consultancies or companies would be ideal!)

Thanks in advance!:up:


Andy (AKA Bagga)

22 Jun 2011, 18:30
You can submit a paid request at the following forum:


Be sure to read this thread (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/announcement.php?f=30&a=31) beforehand !