View Full Version : [Bug] Wrong issuetypeid in details view

03 Sep 2011, 15:55
If you're in detail view of feature or task (/project.php?do=issuelist&projectid=1&issuetypeid=feature) and click on "Post new feature/task", it will be everytime created a new bug. Link for creating looks everybody like:

/projectpost.php?do=addissue&projectid=1&issuetypeid=bugBut for feature it had to be:


/projectpost.php?do=addissue&projectid=1&issuetypeid=taskI think it's not hard to fix, but atm i've no time to take a look into the template which is affected.

03 Sep 2011, 21:03
This is already fixed for version 2.1.3 & 2.2.0 :)


03 Sep 2011, 22:03
Hm, i'm using 2.1.2 R200, and the bug is still there.

04 Sep 2011, 09:59
Have you take a look at the attached patch on my latest link?:)

04 Sep 2011, 10:21
Didn't noticed the attachment, cause i was unregistered. I registered now and have access to the attached file. Thanks for your help. :)