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02 Sep 2001, 21:51
..a editing of "PluhNews"
Created by Kayn -- Re-Edited By BadMeetsEvil-

What's it do?

Posts the latest thread's (more than 1 if you choose) title, thread starter, last poster, and other information on a .php page, so you can SSI it in, so it can go on a Non-VB Page.


Added Things to PluhNews Headlines

a.) Combinded Config.php and Headline.php into one document.
b.) Added Option to see Total Thread Replies
c.) Added Option to see Last Poster of that Thread
d.) Added Option to use Thread Icon
e.) Thread Starters Username, is now link to Profile.
f.) Config Details taken Further
g.) Script is now only about 65 lines.


1.) Open headlines.php in Notepad, and edit the config section to fit your forums. Pretty much self explanitory.

is the forum you want the headlines to be displayed from. If you don't know how to find out the forum ID, go to your Forums, and hover the name of the forum (the link). On your toolbar at the bottom, it will display the link (IE), and the number at the very end is the forum ID.

are how many items you would displayed on the page.

is your forums path. Edit this to your needs. I found out that it only works with my server if you put a / infront of the path, or else the link would be /bbs/bbs/blah.php. But, it would be different with yours. No trailing slash.

2.) Edit the HTML section to how you want it.. you can add or delete some of the PHP phrases in case you don't like having the Reply Count, Last Poster, or whatever.

3.) Upload to your forums directory.. and open headlines.php in your browser.


03 Sep 2001, 14:19
cool hack. it really works good.

04 Sep 2001, 19:11
Thanks man. :)

13 Oct 2001, 08:57
Dear, badmeetsevil- :

First,it;s a goog kack. 3Q~~~:D :D


// ID of Forum you would like the Headlines Displayed From
$newsforums = 2;----->only forums = 2

If i want to show top 10(or any) with all forums.

How can i to do ?

Thank you very much.

sorry,my english is bad. :confused: :confused:

13 Oct 2001, 17:21
I see what you're saying.. You want all the new posts from all the forums.

Hm.. that might be a little tough, I'll look into it though. Promise.

26 Oct 2001, 15:24
It's a really good hack, thank you ! I think I'll use that !

12 Apr 2002, 21:05
how would you link this to your mainpage? (IE Index.html)

13 Apr 2002, 17:24
Can someone tell me how to include this on an .shtml page?



13 Apr 2002, 17:36
Ok I tinkered a bit.

This works for me.

<!--#include virtual="/vb/headlines.php"-->