View Full Version : How do you edit the paid subscriptions page?

11 Nov 2011, 17:09
I'm trying to find where I can edit the paid subscriptions page but can't seem to find anything in stylevars.

I just want to ad a span tag to the subscription descriptions here to change the formatting of the text.

Where do I edit that?

I'm surprised there's nothing in stylevars for the paid subscriptions page, payments.php. Maybe I'm missing something?

11 Nov 2011, 17:21
If you want to edit the template itself, then to find the template to modify, do this - vboptions > General Settings > Add Template Name in HTML Comments > set to Yes . Then go back to your page and view the source code and you will see the name of the template called around your part of the code. (Sometimes the template is the one mentioned at the very top of the page source.)