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08 Dec 2011, 10:26

I m having a database error on my Registration Page( Only Registration Page)

here is the link you can chek


and second when any body logged in he face the erroe " Redirect is not available". but if they click again on forum home its working perfectly

the whole forum is working fine only this one

--------------- Added 1323343710 at 1323343710 ---------------

i have tried to chek this issue by disabling hooks but still same error

08 Dec 2011, 12:50
If you view the HTML source of that page you see this:

Database error in vBulletin 4.1.7:

Invalid SQL:

INSERT INTO humanverify
(hash, answer, dateline)
('bb65c95b93aca9bd3e2a7d634c8d71b1', '', 1323351855);

MySQL Error : Table '.\admin_sam\humanverify' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
Error Number : 145

So you should try repairing your humanverify table.

I can't find any message that says "Redirect is not available". Do you maybe mean "Invalid Redirect URL"?

08 Dec 2011, 14:43
thanks sir :)

its solved now :)

and yes i mean "Invalid Redirect Url"