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Scott MacVicar
07 Sep 2001, 19:36
This provides an option to email all users who are in the Awaiting Email Confirmation usergroup again with their activation code. I used this on my forums as some people either accidently deleted the email or the mail servers were down.

Open /admin/index.php and after
<a href="user.php?s=<?php echo$session[sessionhash]; ?>&action=referrers"> Referrals </a><br>
around line 246
and add
<a href="user.php?s=<?php echo$session[sessionhash]; ?>&action=emailactive"> Mass Email Activation Code </a><br>

save index.php and open /admin/user.php

look for
if (isset($action)==0) {
around line 44-46
and add
// ###################### Mass Email Activation Code #######################
if ($action=="emailactive") {
$query=$DB_site->query("SELECT userid,username,email,password,joindate FROM user WHERE usergroupid='3'");
while ($user=$DB_site->fetch_array($query)) {
eval("\$message = \"".gettemplate("email_activateaccount",1,0)."\";");
eval("\$subject = \"".gettemplate("emailsubject_activateaccount",1,0)."\";");
echo "Email sent to:<br>";
if(mail ($user[email],$subject,$message,"From: \"$bbtitle Mailer\" <$webmasteremail>")) {
echo "$user[email] <br>";

re-upload /admin/index.php and /admin/user.php to your site.

The options will now be present within the control panel.

08 Sep 2001, 08:10
You realize this is already in the stock code, right?

Also, please enter your license information in your profile (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/member.php?action=editprofile). See the link in my sig for more info. Thanks!

17 Jan 2002, 20:14
and I believe that the following line is wrong:

a bunch of users could not be activated. Reason: they were getting the joindate for activation id.

17 Jan 2002, 20:17
PPN couldn't have posted in this forum if his license information wasn't entered in his profile.


17 Jan 2002, 20:41
tried installing, didnt work for me, option is already there anyway so really not a useful hack, no offense

03 Aug 2002, 17:12
Tubbdog, when I go to that link...I don't see the spot for the mass email for inactivated users. Only for COPPA. Am I looking at the wrong place? I went to the address you posted.

I also tried searching for the first line and it couldn't be found in admin/index.php

Help?? I have a lot of inactivated users. For some reason the board keeps inactivating active users so I want to be able to get this hack....

03 Aug 2002, 17:18
@ Tubedogg, i believe PPN is a licenced Member...his hacks are one of the greatest here on VB.org!!
And i think if he is not licensed he doesnīt release a hack here.... :p

03 Aug 2002, 18:51
I think you need to look at the dates on the post as well as the fact he is a moderator now.. :D


03 Aug 2002, 18:54
Ok, ok....thatīs a good idea!! ;) :)

Dark Blaze
22 Jan 2003, 11:40
This certainly is something using, I will keep it in mind and install it as soon as I find time.. Thanks PPN for your great work :)

21 Nov 2006, 16:30

Can i use this in my vB 3.6.3 ? Or is there anything equivalent that i can use inmy vB 3.6.3 ?


29 Nov 2006, 17:50
This is something I need for vb 3.5.7. We realized a mail error on our server and over 300 members have not received email confirmations. Instead of manually going through each one is there a way to MASS email all users awaiting confirmation their passwords??


dc pringle
10 Jan 2007, 04:51
All i do is goto Users ---> Send Email to Users ---> then just type in the message and select the Users Awaiting Email Confirmation group as the only group to receive the email