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19 Jan 2012, 18:02
Hi guys
Hoping someone can help me here

Basically we have our main domain (say maindomain.com), which is car forum
We have also registered another 2 domains (unrelatedtocars.com + helpmeintheoffice.com) so that users can view the forums without it triggering any firewall software with the tags 'car' in it.

We have tried a few setups (redirect, frameset, domain parking) but having no luck and the main forum domain seams to be in the web address window, ether on the status bar at the foot or in the address bar.

Anyone able to help?


19 Jan 2012, 18:53
you'd have to create an domain alias in your dns configuration i think. You should contact your domain hoster to assist you with this.

not vb related.