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08 Feb 2012, 01:30
Since the inception of vBulletin, all of customer account passwords have been computer generated. The system has been updated so that you can change your passwords to something more meaningful to you. You will need to be logged into the Member's Area to see the link and you will need your previous password. If you cannot retrieve your password, the same methods are available to request a new generated password.

In order to change your password, you will visit the Members/Customers Area at https://members.vbulletin.com. Once logged in, the Members link will be a drop down. On this drop down you'll see the Change Password link. I've included an image below. Passwords can be between 8 and 32 characters and you should choose a secure password.

changepassword.png (https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=57890&d=1328664106)

Secure passwords consist of lower and upper case letters, numbers and at least one special character. They should not include the name of your site, your email address, parts of your customer number or match your forums username or password.
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