View Full Version : vBavatars/living avatars Body template pack

27 May 2012, 00:00
Here is a small little addon pack for those who have vBavatars or Living avatars mods installed on your forums, contained in the Zip file are 3 body bases for the mod and a PSD containing two layers. please read below for instructions on how to use them:

The PSD is intended for users to use to create their own clothing for their body templates, what i've done is duplicated the body layer so that one can be used to see what your items of clothing look like on the avatar and so you can position the clothing correctly for saving, the top body layer should always be the top layer and only visible when you want to trim clothing down to size without going too far.

I hope these few bases are usefull and who knows, if i have a spare moment i may even release some basic clothing for these templates.

These templates are free to use and distribute but must NOT be sold in any form, if you would like to support my works then please feel free to link back to my site at www.Pantherproducts.co.uk please note you are not required to show this link on your site but it would be appreciated if you want to show your support.

27 May 2012, 00:03
Heres the screenies