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21 Sep 2001, 04:52
Thats right!

Ive _almost_ finshed the hack, however, it needs to be tested a bit more than what ive done before i can release it.

Im looking for 2/3 beta testers, preferably regulars here, etc,etc

If you think ill want you, pls PM me, or reply here :)

PS. I would have to say tommorow for the hack, its really only needing some mod testing!

21 Sep 2001, 09:23
Sign me up :) I got my own version of the panel working now, but I am very keen to see your version and how you have gone about it differently. If possible, I'll beta test the style hack on a fresh forum on my Intranet and check everything is hunky-dorey :)

21 Sep 2001, 09:53

Youll need to email me, so i can send you the file.

Im curious, how did you go about it, and what features did you cut?

Basically, ive set it up, so that each mod has a different level of access, depending on what you set.

Some are allowed to edit the same that an admin can, or some cant edit templates, some cant edit the doctype / body tag, and some cant edit the widths.

Pretty simple a guess.

I cut the downloading features, and didnt bother setting up the template/replacment variable stuff.

21 Sep 2001, 11:19
Firstly - I don't know your e-mail address, I'm hoping I can find your address on your site.

Anyway, what I have done is to copy the styles.php into the /mod directory, and clamped it down by running querys to check which forums the user moderates and has [b]caneditstyles[b] set to 1. If this is the case, the user/moderator may edit the associated style of the forum.

I also put some checks in the modifystyles function, and changed all the "typos" of canmodifystyles to caneditstyles in the admin cp.

It works ok, however I am not confident in my rather dodgy php skills, so I want it to be secure and unhackable. Have you considered people may enter html or php (i dont think its parsed in templates?) which could allow mallicious activity?



21 Sep 2001, 12:59
The way you did it sounds like the only reasonable way to do it, check if they have the variable "canmodifystyles" set to 1. I'm assuming you did it this way also merk? :)

Have you considered people may enter html or php (i dont think its parsed in templates?) which could allow mallicious activity?

Youn could not allow them to use phpinclude, which would thwart almost anything malicious they could do.

21 Sep 2001, 13:38
Contact me if you wish:

21 Sep 2001, 14:01
1) The security, is a big issue. So heres what ive done:-

I changed the system for the database storing either 0 or 1 for caneditstyles, to store 0/1/2/3/4. 0= no access, 1= colours, fonts only, 2= table widths+1, 3= DOCTYPE and BODY tags+1+2, 4=templates plus all.

Basically thats how it works :)

Now, i just have to make my modification to the admincp to allow this, and ill distrobute to you fellas, give me about 30 mintues.

01 Nov 2001, 20:40
I'd be interested and willing to be a beta tester. I have been looking for somthing like this for awhile.


03 Nov 2001, 21:05
As would I... This would make my life a whole lot easier! Hosting team forums is a strain on ya...

04 Nov 2001, 14:20
i know what ya mean!

Merk! please help! :D

09 Nov 2001, 18:35
I did get a copy from Merk a while ago of this, but I didn't have time to try it out properly. My applogies. I hope you are still continuing this, I haven't had an answer from Jelsoft about their future addon packages which may offer something like this. :(

Keep up the good work. :)

09 Nov 2001, 18:50
What the heck does this hack do, anyway? :)

09 Nov 2001, 19:52
Would it be possible for you to send it to me?


What this hack does is allow moderators of forums to edit the style of the forum they moderate.

It's great when you host forums for people.

19 Nov 2001, 21:58
is this hack still in beta? is it going to be released soon? i can really use a hack like this, hope it will be available soon.
if it is still in beta, can i test it, too? or am i not qualified enough (well, i'm no frequent poster here ... :( )

23 Nov 2001, 21:23
Yeah that hack would be perfect because I am hosting clans and the clan-mods would love to be able to control their layout by themself without always having to send me all stuff ... So is still Beta?

24 Nov 2001, 11:21
The guy posted that and disapeared...

24 Nov 2001, 18:58
hmm ... that's stupid. i really need a hack like that :(
well, thanks for the info.

25 Nov 2001, 22:39
My appologies.

Real life has steped in, and because of that, i dont actually have time to work on this hack.

The hack i orginally wrote, was extremly buggy, and didnt support inheritance.

Now i dont even know if i have a copy of it anymore.

However! I have almost finished writing a system for the forum permissions which is needed for my forums, and after that, i should start work again on this hack.

I cant promise you anything for the time being, but i can give you a few hints as to how to write one yourself if you wish.

I might have one done by christmas, but dont hold your breath :(

Planned features if i ever write it:

-Moderators able to modify styles, depending on their access they may be able to modify certain templates, or colours, etc.
-Moderators able to modify styles of subforums they moderate
-Easy install script, so i wont get calls for help
-Posible access masks features, which i released a hack before, but aparently it was a bit buggy.

I will post here again, when i start, keeping you all up to date.

25 Nov 2001, 23:56
great :) thanks for the info

26 Nov 2001, 16:26
thx merk. I hope you have the time to get this hack our and it would be a great christmas present if you do. hehe...

If you need testers I'd be willing to test.


27 Nov 2001, 00:35
No problems..

And dont you worry, i will be needing testers :)

Just keep your head out, ill ask when its almost done

27 Nov 2001, 04:21
Don't worry I am subscribed to this thread.. When ya need testers I'll be here for ya

20 Feb 2003, 00:26
well this is months later but id be interested