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16 Sep 2012, 21:06
This is my first released mod for vBulletin 5.

vBulletin 5 mods are completely different than VB 4.x and VB 3.x mods- they work different and are designed differently.

Be sure you read the install instructions in the README file before installing. You will need to upload files, after that the mod should auto-install. (Make sure the product/hook system is enabled.)

More Share Options FREE for VB5 brings the Facebook Like/Recommend/Send buttons, Twitter Tweet button, Google +1 button, and AddThis share button to vBuletin 5. AddThis, if you're not aware is a single button that allows content submission to HUNDREDS of social media sites including ALL the popular ones such as Digg, Pinterest, and even direct to email like Gmail.

This mod is essential to give users an easy way to share interesting threads, photos, and other content on your site with their friends and followers.

This is the FREE version.

The GOLD version is available on Qapla.com (http://www.qapla.com/mods/showthread.php/74-More-Share-Options-for-VB4-and-VB5-by-BOP5-GOLD) and has the following extra features-

Separate buttons for: Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon, Linked In, and Reddit
Ability to add new/custom buttons
Usergroup Permissions (Show only to specific usergroups)
Disable by forum (now called channels)
Disable by page (What would have been THIS_SCRIPT on VB4 is now page numbers)
Disable by Style

Live Demo: Here. (http://www.qapla.com/mods/showthread.php/723-More-Share-Options-VB5-FREE-Version-by-BOP5) (Demo is still VB4 version, very similar.)

If you have any questions, and I expect you will, feel free to ask them in this thread.

Please "Mark as Installed" if you use this. :)
Please Nominate It for MOTM if you like it. :D
Donations Always Appreciated! :up:

16 Sep 2012, 21:09

17 Sep 2012, 11:17
Nice work. So once you upload the files, is that it? It auto installs.

17 Sep 2012, 12:40
Yes, assuming the VB5 Product/Hook system is enabled... it's disabled by default (like it is in earlier VB versions.)

You have to enable it either by going to Manage Products in the Admin CP or the the product/hook settings in settings.

Then on the first front-end page load it installs, so you have to refresh/reload the page twice really to see it work as designed.

Most VB5 mods will probably auto-install, it's a fairly easy option for mod authors to setup...

Wayne Luke
19 Sep 2012, 20:42
Anyway to move the share bar under the thread title?

20 Sep 2012, 23:49
No not at this time... Because it's using a template hook from the header so it is always going to be above the title unless new template hooks are added.

21 Sep 2012, 05:01
Hey Joe, can you individually select which social sites to display ? i.e. all displayed but disable facebook ?

21 Sep 2012, 22:08
Yes in the mod settings you can enable disable each specific share button.

For example if you only wanted Twitter and +1 that is fine...

For Twitter and Google+1 you can also choose to show or not show the count if you enable them.

For Facebook you can choose between it saying "Like" or "Recommend" if enabled, and choose between standard count and box counts, and optionally enable the Send button as well, even choose light or dark buttons.

22 Sep 2012, 05:02
Awesome Joe, installed :D

25 Sep 2012, 04:04
Would be nice if the placement of the social icons is made into a module, that way you could drag it to areas of each individual page template (i.e. sidebar or above or below main content container etc) or create a new page template with social icon module in a preset position.

Or generate code wizard, so you could add the social icon html code to a new custom html module :)

27 Sep 2012, 17:05
Maybe... when I figure out how to make Modules. ;)

28 Sep 2012, 05:43
so vb5 its more like wordpress so why not make it so we can download and install the plugins from the admincp just like wordpress ..

28 Sep 2012, 08:04
so vb5 its more like WordPress so why not make it so we can download and install the plugins from the admincp just like WordPress ..

the wrong place to ask questions like this

you are asking a question about how products are installed through admincp
rather than this product itself

please ask questions likes this in

30 Sep 2012, 18:35
so vb5 its more like wordpress so why not make it so we can download and install the plugins from the admincp just like wordpress ..

I can't speculate on why the VB5 developers did or did not do anything- I also don't believe the premise that VB5 was made to be more like WordPress.

VB5 is VB5... The way mods work now I suppose someone could build a mod that allowed admins to browse and download other mods in one step if all the coders were willing to follow specific patters for how their mods get saved and uploaded.

As was pointed out this particular thread about my one mod is not the place for a serious answer.

25 Apr 2013, 00:17
I am in need of a mod for VB5 that shows all of the user,post stats, member count etc. I see these on alot of forums. Let me know. Thanks

29 Apr 2013, 03:13
Love it! Thanks

05 Oct 2013, 11:24
Thanks for this mod.
I installed is a few days ago and am configuring and testing all kind of things.

All i see is the Google+ and tweet button but the Facebook button does not show.
I have it set to Default Like and the other 3 options to no but wne i set them to yes or any other combination the facebook button still does not show.

What am i doing wrong?


*edit* Never mind i forgot to set the inbuild Facebook settings and now it is showing.

13 Jan 2014, 15:40
Good tool.

But, you know the vbulletin 5 URL is too long could you make the script to convert the url to tinyurl.


Uji Hardana
16 Jan 2014, 21:57
nice tool :up: thanks ;)

22 Jan 2014, 12:38
Does this work on 5.0.5

31 Jan 2014, 21:38

For those interested I have this working hunky dory on my VB5.0.5 install

17 Feb 2014, 20:02
This is good plugins, but it requires to shorten the topic URL. Could you please integrate goo.gl as a shortening tool with it.


24 Mar 2014, 22:00
I installed the free version on 5.0.5, and I'm not getting a Twitter icon or an AddThis icon (although I don't care so much about the latter). I do get a "Tweet" link though. Do you have any suggestions?

Here's what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/K2SCeC4.png


EDIT: Ok, I figured out why I'm not getting any buttons. Our site is https, and the icons are blocked because they are using http. Would I only need to search/replace http->https in the xml file?
EDIT2: Yup, that fixed it.

25 Mar 2014, 21:31
Glad you figured it out... when I update the mod next I'll make sure it works with or without https.

30 Mar 2014, 11:10
Works great on vB 5.1

I liked it so much I brought the full edition :)

Top work - thanks!

02 Apr 2014, 15:37
Hello, how can I add another language (for buttons) to Facebook module? Default is English. I need Czech. G+ and Tweet is easy.

Thank you, Peter

02 Apr 2014, 22:37
You must edit the GLOBAL phrase facebook_language in the Admin CP, Phrase Manager. The default is en_US, change it to the language code you need by providing a translation for your custom language(s).

This is because the Facebook code is built into VB5.

03 Apr 2014, 10:59
Thank you!

07 May 2014, 08:52
Will this work for 5.1.0?

07 May 2014, 11:57
It should.

07 May 2014, 12:44
I have confirmed it does work in 5.1.0.

However to have the Facebook Like button show up you must enable Facebook Platform in vBulletin's Facebook Options and provide an Application ID and Secret. This is required for VB to load the Facebook code the Like button relies on.

31 Jul 2014, 20:46
really like it

31 Jul 2014, 20:48
how if there share button also recommend button and like button for facebook

27 Jan 2015, 05:45

I installed to ver 5.0 and the mods worked well.
Then upgraded to 5.15, the faces of facebook had disappeared.
of facebook?

25 Jul 2015, 21:46
I have this installed and it works fine although sometimes the Facebook like button disappears until the site is reloaded.

Question: will this mod conflict with [OneAll] Social Login

19 Nov 2015, 23:17
with latest version doesn't work

22 Nov 2015, 16:06
with latest version doesn't work

I'm using it with vb 5.1.9 PL 3 seems okay.

23 Nov 2015, 22:59
I'm using it with vb 5.1.9 PL 3 seems okay.

yea . but doesn't work properly

27 Nov 2015, 06:39
BUG: Twitter count does not work on 5.1.9 PL3

19 Sep 2016, 13:25
Well yo can't ask for more with a free plugin. Though has some issue...

1) Alignment out of frame
2) Facebook only worked once
3) Take a bit longer to load page
didn't tested many other but on the plus point..

Worked every time with Google+ - excellent.

Don't know if I will continue - i like it, need it, but for the issues :(

03 Oct 2016, 07:51
Well yo can't ask for more with a free plugin. Though has some issue...

1) Alignment out of frame

True, I find that the Like button for Facebook ends up wayyyy to the left (IF the browser is stretched too wide), but the others Twitter, Google, and the pull down for the rest, align okay.

03 Oct 2016, 10:20
True, I find that the Like button for Facebook ends up wayyyy to the left (IF the browser is stretched too wide), but the others Twitter, Google, and the pull down for the rest, align okay.

Correct. I see the same just to the right.

I am suddenly getting a 403 FORBIDDEN error on Facebook-share all other works superbly well.

03 Oct 2016, 15:44
Well, at my 5.2.4 forum the Facebook integration works correctly. But the only thing we use this mod for is the Facebook Like button. This works via this mod.

To publish something to Facebook at the same time as at the forum is a vbulletin function not part of this Mod anyway. Is that what you mean by the Facebook-share?

04 Oct 2016, 11:00
I know this mod is due for an update, sorry, it will be the first big mod I overhaul when I get some time.

The only thing this mod does is put various Like/Share buttons on the page, it isn't designed to automatically share any content upon posting.

08 Feb 2018, 19:17
It seems that with vb 5.3.4 the AddThis button is no longer there...the Facebook, Twitter and Google buttons remain.