View Full Version : Just registered on the demo and some issues

17 Oct 2012, 10:46
Hi, I'm posting this here as I cannot post on the official forums about v5 as my license has expired, although I am considering purchasing/upgrading to v5 soon (currently on 3.8.x)

I just registered on the demo and after submitting the form a pop up box appears containing links that say you can edit your profile, check out the user control panel etc.

So I clicked each of those links to open them in a new tab. Each of the pages is just blank, the forum container is there and the notices at the top, but no content within the page.

These are the URLs:



(edited to add: note - the URLs had session numbers at the end but the forum has removed them)

I wanted to share the info as that seemed like a pretty big issue, but obviously this is the only place I could post it :)

Hopefully someone will see it or perhaps this is already a known bug?

(p.s. I had to pick a prefix for this thread although I'm not sure why as none seem relevant to the topic, maybe an error in the forum settings)

17 Oct 2012, 10:58
Honestly not a great deal of point in posting it over here as the developers will not see it.

If you have a valid vB licence, expired or otherwise, you should be able to log it in the tracker over there.

17 Oct 2012, 11:03
Aah ok, will have a look there. I just looked at the forum section. Thanks