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18 Oct 2012, 12:04
We always thanked, we thank, and we shall always thank those who clicked Mark as Installed or bothered to write ANY feedback about KeyCAPTCHA

KeyCAPTCHA - Interactive CAPTCHA
Unlike many other captchas, it does not require any text typing.

Social Features:
You may support charity funds by enabling social advertising in KeyCAPTCHA. Also you can earn money by specifying social and commercial advertising shares in KeyCAPTCHA on your website.

Free Variants of Using KeyCAPTCHA:

Anti-spam protection. Social advertising. Monetization through commercial ads.
Anti-spam protection. Monetization through commercial ads.
Anti-spam protection. Social advertising.
Anti-spam protection without any ads.

Integration with vBulletin Human Verified Actions:

Contact Us
Recover Lost Password
Blog comments
CMS comments

KeyCAPTCHA Unique Technologies

Instead of guessing symbols, our CAPTCHA offers visitors to complete an easy interactive task.
If KeyCAPTCHA hasn't been solved correctly, page refreshing doesn't take place that allows the user not to fill in the form repeatedly. It occurs since there is an initial checkup of CAPTCHAs in the KeyCAPTCHA servers before sending a filled-in form to the protected web server.
Our CAPTCHA also can be used even if your hosting provider blocks all outgoing connections.

Effective Anti-Spam Protection

The geo-cluster is used to operate KeyCAPTCHA service. Our geo-cluster includes the servers located in diverse European data centers. Some servers are in the special DDoS stable data centers in Switzerland to ensure trouble-free 24x7x365 mode service operation.
KeyCAPTCHA blocks spammers using anonymizers or anonymous HTPP proxies to distribute a hand spam.
There is no info of correct CAPTCHA solution in the visitor's browser.
CAPTCHA verification is processed by the KeyCAPTCHA servers.
Data transferring between your web server, the visitor's browser and the KeyCAPTCHA server is protected by a digital signature.
112 to 165 bit variable length password is used to generate a digital signature.
KeyCAPTCHA is a code executable in the visitor's browser. It is not a static image as used in typical CAPTCHAs.
Having received our CAPTCHA, it's virtually impossible to transfer it to third parties in order to run any task what spammers also do bypassing typical CAPTCHAs.
Probability of guessing the answer by submitting a random solution is 1 to 30,000,000.
KeyCAPTCHA-used images are transferred encryptedly.

KeyCAPTCHA supports two operating modes: Flash and HTML5. The KeyCAPTCHA HTML5 mode is used in most modern browsers, such as Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, and also used in iPhone and iPad. The Flash mode has been developed to be used in Internet Explorer and Opera. While loading, KeyCAPTCHA identifies its operating mode depending on the visitor's browser.

KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program
KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program allows publishers as well as any Internet user to collect incomes. For more information on The KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program, go to Our CAPTCHA Blog (http://keycaptcha.wordpress.com/captcha-for-site-owners/affiliate-program/).


Register on and log-in to our site (https://www.keycaptcha.com);
Add your site URL to a Site list;
Follow the CAPTCHA installation instructions in our Wizard.

If you use KeyCAPTCHA please click "Mark as Installed" in the right menu on this page.

22 Oct 2012, 08:14
Thank you for this much needed mod!

09 Nov 2012, 01:51
Hello thecore762,

Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards,

17 Feb 2013, 11:56
Really nice work, not sure how i could have missed this one on vbulletin4 but who gives a crap will install this one on vb5 :-) Thanks & keep up the good work

21 Feb 2013, 18:15
very good

The Guy
27 Feb 2013, 16:02
Good work, I feel safe knowing that spam bots will not ruin my board.

31 Mar 2013, 02:49
New and distinct forms of CAPTCHA
And is very important to prevent comments Spam
Thanks " KeyCAPTCHA " :)

12 Jun 2013, 22:21
You sold me. Bought the branded free version.

12 Jul 2013, 03:25
Does this work for vBulletin 5 connect 5.0.3?

15 Jul 2013, 22:59
Does this work for vBulletin 5 connect 5.0.3?

I cant get this to work with 5.0.3, just get a blank page when you go to register

15 Jul 2013, 23:03
I cant get this to work with 5.0.3, just get a blank page when you go to register

I get the same. Have not had time to see what is wrong yet.

23 Aug 2013, 03:01
In version 5.0.4 get a blank page when you go to register

Bubble #5
23 Aug 2013, 04:30
I've been using this with our 4.2.1 and LOVE IT! :up:

Soon as I get some money I'm going to get the paid version. Just wish all paid versions had no branding.

28 Aug 2013, 06:06
Any update for version 5.0.4? I'm a premium subscriber and would love to use KeyCAPTCHA again on my forum.

31 Oct 2013, 13:09
Working on 5.0.5 ? Thanks.

26 Jul 2014, 14:36

11 Aug 2014, 05:23
it working also in vb5.1.3 beta6
thanks very very much

11 Aug 2014, 05:24
forum without spam with key captcha help

thanks key captcha

11 Aug 2014, 06:50
I have it installed and it works well. I did have to reinstall after the 5.1.2 patch 3. But after reinstall works great.

16 Sep 2014, 23:40
Sweet plugin. I will check it out by running on my site for next few weeks and if it works as expected then will keep it.

30 Sep 2014, 10:13
Does not seem to work on 5.1.3

kev collins
20 Dec 2014, 21:54
Running on 5.1.4 thanks.

kev collins
17 Feb 2015, 17:21
Just upgraded to 5.1.5 and now stopped working.