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28 Oct 2012, 13:28
On my Forum Capital letter (Caps lock is not working). When thread is posted on Capital letter it automatically change all words to Lowercase.

I ave also disable caps lock Admin CP > Settings > Options > Message Posting and Editing Options > Prevent 'SHOUTING' > set to 0 to disable.

Please what could be the cause of this error.
I disable all mods and Caps lock works well.

I have lot of mods installed, i do not know the Mod thmod that could be causing my Caps lock not work?

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28 Oct 2012, 15:35
you will need go over all plugins to find the bugged one

25 Nov 2012, 05:38
it's probably css.


id search your plugins css files for that phrase or something

25 Nov 2012, 07:54
i have search for text-transform:lowercase; i could not find any of the word on my additional.css

25 Nov 2012, 14:03
The quick way to find out if it's a mod or not is to go to ACP->Settings->Options. Scroll down to Plugin/Hook System and double click on it. Set it to 'No' and save.

If you can post in all caps after that, then it is a mod doing it.

Then you need to turn that setting back on and disable each mod one at a time until you find the one changing the post to all lower case letters.

25 Nov 2012, 14:19
Thanks. I have disable all pluging and it's working well. when i enable plugin it stop working. am trying to search for the plugin that is causing the error. Though i have so many plugin.

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I have seen the mod causing the error. It's this mod http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=149118

Thanks is working well now

25 Nov 2012, 17:19
Well, you're lucky the instructions were basically the same.

This is the vB 5 forum. You have vB 3